Chair's Update Meeting 8th July 2019

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The Full Governing Body met on Monday 8th July for their fifth and final meeting of the academic year. At the meeting the Governing Body made plans to review their Constitution in the next academic year. The review will consider the size of the Governing Body and the frequency of Full Governing Body meetings.

The Governing Body received reports from the Headteacher, the Inclusion Committee, which considers Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs and the Standards Committee, which considers pupil attainment and progress. The Inclusion Committee recommended the approval of the Special Educational Needs Policy, which they had reviewed and the Governing Body ratified this decision. The Standards Committee Chair, Emma Cornwall, informed the Governing Body that the school was currently awaiting this year's SATs results to be released after the meeting on 9th July. These results have now been received, and on behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to congratulate all of the children and staff for their fantastic achievements.

As part of her report, Jenny Martin produced an evaluation of the school against Ofsted’s new inspection framework. It had been agreed at the previous meeting that Governors would have some input into strategic plans for the next academic year, therefore, Governors separated into groups to specifically discuss the Leadership and Management section of the document. Governors found this process extremely informative, enabling them to understand more fully some of the elements of school procedures and processes. This process facilitated more detailed discussions with the Senior leadership Team around strategic priorities. 

Governors also carefully considered the feedback from the recent parent survey and Jenny Martin stated that this feedback would be responded to by the end of the academic year. Governors suggested that the parent voice, captured by the survey, should also help to shape some of the strategic plans for school improvement. Overall, Governors commended the Senior Leadership on the overwhelmingly positive responses from parents.

The Governing Body concluded the meeting by thanking Nick Godfrey for his hard work and dedication over the previous 5 years, as this would be his last Governing Body meeting at Telferscot: we wish him, and all of the other staff who are leaving Telferscot at the end of the academic year, the best of luck for the future.

The Full Governing Body are due to meet next in September. I look forward to updating you then, and in the meantime I wish everyone an enjoyable end to the Summer term and a restful break over the holidays. 

Celia Barrett

Chair of the Governing Body