Chairs Update Meeting 16th March 2020

The Full Governing Body met on Monday 16th March 2020 for their third meeting of the academic year.
Jenny Martin explained to Governors that she wished to inform them in person that she will be leaving Telferscot at the end of the Autumn 2020 term, at Christmas. She had officially informed me as the Chair of the Governing Body earlier in the year: as a result, plans for the recruitment process are already in place, and we are firmly committed to appointing a new Headteacher who will maintain Telferscot's unique culture. I will ensure that staff and families are kept informed of this process as necessary.
The Headteacher's report included an in depth discussion of the school's response to Covid-19: measures were being taken to minimize public gatherings on site, with the cancellation of the majority of trips and events and strategies in place to respond to an ever changing situation. Governors heard that the school was ensuring that it was ready for a potential closure, and was preparing home learning packs and resources for families in advance. Governors were satisfied that the Senior Leadership Team had carefully considered their response, which was mindful of the welfare of Telferscot children, staff and families.  As we have seen in the news, some of these plans now need to be put into action and I have confidence in the school to deliver and keep parents informed.
Also at the meeting, the Governing Body discussed reports from the Headteacher; the Resources Committee, which considers financial, staff and premises issues; the Inclusion Committee, which considers Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs and the Standards Committee, which considers pupil attainment and progress.
Jenny Martin also touched upon the recent staffing changes in the school office. She assured Governors that the changes had happened quite gradually, and had come about for a variety of reasons. She was pleased to report that Bridget Byrne, the new Office Manager, had settled in well and a new Finance Assistant had been recruited and was due to start in the coming week.
The Resources Committee assured Governors that the budget for 2020/2021 had been carefully considered, and would be agreed in the next Committee meeting. The Chair of the Committee, Howard Jackson, congratulated Pete Burrows, Premises Manager, on an outstanding Health and Safety audit.
The Inclusion Committee had discussed the impact of the statutory changes to the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum, which will be nationally introduced in September 2020: sessions had been organised for families to be consulted on the changes and the policy was due to be updated following additional feedback from Governors.
The Standards Committee reported that they had discussed the impact of the blocked curriculum and teaching for mastery, and had discussed possible areas of focus for Ofsted. 
Earlier in the academic year, Governors had discussed the creation of a Telferscot vision statement, and out of this work a set of strategic priorities had been drafted. In the meeting, Governors agreed that each Committee would review their relevant area, and put in place performance measures: these will be reviewed in the July Full Governing Body meeting.

Governors also heard reports from Stacey Mack, who had met with Lucy Priest and Emma Skates regarding Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS): she reported that they had discussed the importance of educational visits to offer new experiences to our youngest children and plans for how the outdoor space could be made more interactive. Bella Knights had met with Tessa Cannon and Bex Diplock to discuss creative arts and partnerships and was pleased to note how children are exposed to a variety of creative experiences throughout their time at Telferscot, which enables them to build their self-esteem and mastery in different areas. Finally, James Cook had met with both Louisa King, for Humanities, and Jo Johnson for Geography. He informed Governors that he had closely considered their subject leader action plans for these areas, and was due to meet again with Louisa and Jo later in the summer term to monitor progress.


I appreciate that these are unprecedented times for our children, staff and families. The Governing Body will support our Senior Leadership Team, who are working hard to ensure that all members of our school community are cared for.


I look forward to updating you again soon.


Amy Burns-Thomson