Chairs Update 20th September 2019


Hedwig from the Boy Who Lived- Year 6 Production 2019

The Full Governing Body met on Friday 20th September for their first academic meeting of the year. At the meeting, Governors carefully considered the Governing Body's procedures and Committee structure for the year ahead. The Governing Body also elects the Chair and Vice Chair on an annual basis: I was elected Vice Chair and Amy Burns-Thomson has been elected to the Chair role for the 2019/2020 academic year. I have decided to step down from the Chair role after serving my four year term and have greatly enjoyed the experience.


The school thanked Governors for attending the Meet the Teacher event on 11th September, where families could come into school and meet their new class teacher and find out more about learning for the year ahead. Governors were present to allow families the opportunity to provide feedback on the school: Governors shared that this was overwhelmingly positive, and noted that the start of the academic year had gone well.


In the meeting the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) shared the draft School Improvement Plan (SIP), which focuses school development over the academic year: this document is drafted in consultation with staff and the school community. Governors were given the opportunity to provide their thoughts to assist with the development of the School Improvement Plan through an evaluation of the school against the Ofsted Inspection Framework criteria. This analysis allowed Governors to clarify their understanding of school procedures and processes and facilitated the discussion around the development of the SIP. It was agreed that the SLT would present a completed version of the SIP at the next Full Governing Body meeting.


Governors then looked to developing a longer term strategic plan, with a three to five year view, in the context of the discussion around the school's operational priorities in the SIP. The foundation of longer term strategic priorities involved the creation of a Telferscot vision statement. A draft vision statement was agreed and work on the strategic plan will continue at the next Full Governing Body meeting and in Committee meetings over the coming months.


Following their meeting, Governors joined the children for lunch in the school canteen and commented how well behaved the children were during their lunch break.


Amy Burns-Thomson will update you after the next Full Governing Body meeting on 18th November.


Celia Barrett