Chair's Update Meeting 24th May 2019

Governors attended their fourth Full Governing Body meeting of the year on Thursday 24th May and they also took this opportunity to spend the day in school: visiting school provides Governors with an insight into school life and ensures oversight for key areas in order to drive school improvement. Governors agreed that their day in school was very enjoyable; they were pleased to note that the children behaved very well and were all keen to discuss what they were learning in class. Governors also visited one of the new outdoors classrooms and were excited to see how these areas will provide additional space for the children to learn in an outdoors environment.

I chaired the meeting, in the absence of our Chair, Celia Barrett. We officially welcomed both James Cook and Stacey Mack, our two new Parent Governors, who were elected in March, to the Governing Body. Governors also confirmed my reappointment as Co-opted Governor for another four year term.

The Governing Body discussed reports from the Headteacher and the Resources Committee, which oversees staffing, financial and premises issues. Governors also considered plans for the 2019/2020 academic year and the development of the school's strategy was discussed in depth; arrangements were made to review this further at the July and September meetings. 

Jenny Martin informed Governors that attendance levels had improved, however,  the school needed to continue to emphasise the importance of punctuality to families. Governors heard that the new Ofsted Framework, which was released earlier in May, emphasised the importance of children having knowledge of the world and deep learning, rather than a focus on testing: it was discussed that Telferscot had already embraced this approach, and the school had been pleased with the impact to date. Jenny Martin also invited Governors to be involved in the review of the new curriculum over the Summer term.

Governors were pleased to note that the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) had gone well at the beginning of May and that the children had been well prepared for the tests. A report on the impact of interventions for children that require additional support was also presented at the meeting. Governors were satisfied that the school had a variety of mechanisms in place to support children and make effective use of opportunities to ensure that all children fulfil their potential.

The Governor's day in school concluded with a session with the School Improvement Advisor, who regularly visits Telferscot in order to advise on school improvement. The School Improvement Advisor (SIA) shared with Governors her most recent report and discussed with Governors how they could further support the school through their role as a critical friend, helping to drive school improvement. The SIA also explained to Governors some of the elements of the new Ofsted Framework to ensure they had an understanding of their role within this, should an inspection take place.

Celia Barrett will update you after our next Full Governing Body meeting on 8th July.

Amy Burns-Thomson, Vice Chair