Chairs Update Meeting 28th September 2018

The Full Governing Body met on Friday 28 September 2018 for their first meeting of the academic year. This also provided an opportunity for Governors to join us for the Macmillan Coffee Morning in Pop Up Café to meet with parents and carers. 

At the FGB meeting, Governors carefully considered the Governing Body’s procedures and Committee structure for the year ahead. The Governing Body elects their Chair and Vice Chair on an annual basis, and I will be Chair for another year, alongside Amy Burns-Thomson as Vice Chair. Governors also discussed reports from the Headteacher with particular reference to the School Improvement Plan: this document is produced by the Senior Leadership team, with input from staff, to focus school improvement over a two year period. Governors were excited to hear about plans for enabling ongoing professional development for all staff and to enrich the delivery of the curriculum by threading core curriculum subjects throughout all areas of learning. Governors were also appraised of the school’s plans to promote online safety and building children’s resilience through projects at school and a series of family learning events.

In response to recent statutory changes to Safeguarding guidance, the Headteacher confirmed to Governors that all staff have been appraised of the impact of the changes, plus already robust procedures for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of Telferscot’s children have been reviewed and strengthened.

Governors were pleased to note how well Telferscot children had performed in their SATs in the Summer term, and that overall attainment and progress is good across the school.

Governors made plans for a working party to conduct a self-audit of the Governing Body’s performance over the previous academic year and to also reflect on ways in which it can further support the school in the future. 

Governors also heard how the school was complying with the GDPR, and noted that families had responded in a timely manner to the requests for data collection and consents.

Overall, Governors were pleased to conclude that it had been a positive start to the academic year. After the FGB meeting finished, Governors enjoyed lunch with the children in the school canteen, and commented on how well behaved Telferscot children were during their lunch break.  

I look forward to updating you after the next FGB meeting on 19 November.

 Celia Barrett