Our Children

At Telferscot Primary School we work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage good behaviour.

Our children make us proud every day. We ensure the best standards of behaviour so that learning is happening all the time. All of our children are aware of and follow our five school rules and work together in a spirit of community and co-operation.

  • We expect the children to be responsible, make good choices and show respect for the whole school community.

    You can see what our School Rules are here.

  • We also expect parents to act as positive role models for all children when they are in or travelling to school. We would ask you to treat each other, all the staff and the children with respect.
  • Telferscot Primary School takes issues of bullying and racism very seriously and the Staff and Governors have put in place anti-bullying and anti-racist policies and procedures, which are available for parents to see.

    You can find our Behaviour policy, Anti-bullying policy & Inclusion policy in School Policies.

    Helping Our Children to Succeed


{"didyouknow":"You can earn a golden lottery for good behaviour!", "didyoubug":{"text":"See our Anti Bullying and Anti Racist Policies","href":"http://www.telferscot.co.uk/office/policies"}}