Helping Our Children Succeed


We want to support every child to be a successful learner. In order to do this we offer many ways to ensure that this happens such as:

  • Teaching lessons which are interesting and engaging.
  • A consistent whole school approach to behaviour management.
  • Staff maintaining high expectations for behaviour for all children at all times.
  • Staff modelling and encouraging polite and positive behaviour.
  • Staff knowing children’s special educational needs and understanding that some children will need additional support to maintain excellent behaviour.
  • Working in partnership with parents.
  • An enthusiastic Family Liaison team who support Attendance and punctuality.
  • A staff who are all aware of different forms of bullying, actively try to prevent it and decisively deal with it.
  • Acknowledging and rewarding good behaviour with daily housepoints and golden lottery tickets
  • Acknowledging and rewarding behaviour during Weekly and Termly Certificate Assembly.
  • Holding special competitions and events which help to sustain excellent behaviour in school; for example: Class competitions for lining up
  • Encouraging children to take on responsibility in school and expecting them to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times.


We give our future leaders a chance to be:

Class monitors

School Councillors

School Champions

Eco Warriors

House Captains / Vice House Captains

  • Putting into place Individual Behaviour Plans for children who are struggling with their behaviour.
  • Providing support for parents from Angela Guiliani, our Learning and Behaviour Consultant
  • Providing Nurture Groups and “No Blame” sessions to groups of children who need extra support with friendship / social issues.
  • Providing all Junior children with access to “Shine Time” sessions during their lunchtimes. This is an opportunity to speak freely, share problems and problem-solve with a highly experienced teaching assistant.
  • Accessing Play Therapy or Drama Therapy for children who could benefit from these services
  • Accessing support and advice from the Educational Psychologist, Lark Hall Autism Outreach team, Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Primary Pupil Referral Unit (Kennington Park Bridge to School).