Early Years Foundation Stage

Our ethos

At Telferscot we offer an exciting and vibrant EYFS learning environment in which children thrive. We focus on promoting self-esteem, mutual respect, and achievement and strive for excellence in everything we do. We understand that children arrive at Telferscot having had different pre-school experiences. We have high expectations and strong aspirations for all children and aim for everyone to achieve their potential and beyond!

Our team

Our team is made up of experienced, creative and dynamic staff with a passion for making learning memorable and engaging. We believe that strong relationships between staff, children and home promote a strong atmosphere of learning in partnership which will last throughout your time at Telferscot.


Children learn most effectively when their interests are valued. We deliver exciting experiences through identifying what the children enjoy and then base learning experiences on these interests. We aim for our learners to positive, motivated and independent learners. We ensure that the EYFS curriculum documentation is integral to our planning so that each experience has an identifiable learning outcome, but is fun and interactive at the same time!

The learning environment

We provide a stimulating learning environment for the children. Our EYFS classrooms are next to each other in a unit to ensure that the children interact together and the nursery children have role models for learning and behavior. The deck is a lovely space on which more large scale play-based learning takes place, such as construction, den-building and role-play. Our resources are labelled with photographs and writing so the children can access resources with independence and begin to make decisions about what provision they want.


We assess the children through writing short, ‘snapshot’ observations of significant moments of development and longer observations which reveal more about specific interests and help the team to personalize learning experiences. We also take photographs and record children’s experiences using cameras and iPads (which belong to the school and are only used for this purpose). We also collect samples of the children’s work. Through this evidence collection we build up a profile of the child’s learning journey and parents are welcome to look at their child’s learning journey on request.

Getting involved

We love to get the school community involved in EYFS learning and we have Remarkable Reading time on a Friday, where parents are encouraged to come into the classroom and read with their child, and maybe a few of their friends too! We invite parents on events such as Welly Walks to the common and on school trips. We love having parents volunteer to read with the children too.