We are a Unicef Rights Respecting School

Telferscot is Silver!

We have the fantastic news to share that Telferscot is now a UNICEF Silver Rights Respecting School! The assessor came in last week to have a look around the school and talk to children and adults about the work we have been doing around children's rights.

I was really impressed with how many rights our Telferscot children know and just how dedicated they are to becoming global citizens. This is also a reflection on the work you all do at home with your children and the discussions you have had about the children's rights. 

We will continue to embed the rights into every facet of our school and keep on the journey to becoming the best rights respecting school possible! 

Well done Telferscot! 

Our Journey To Becoming A Silver Rights Respecting School

As you already know, we are making a very special journey on our way to becoming a Silver Rights Respecting School. We are already a Bronze Rights Respecting School and so the next step is to immerse Telferscot into children's rights as much as possible! We already do SO much for children's rights, so it is important that we show this off!

You will have noticed that you are learning a lot more about rights in your lessons, during assemblies and other times throughout the school day. This is important because we want you to really know what your rights are as children and we want to make sure you are experiencing them all!

At Telferscot we already do so much to look after the world around us both locally and globally in many ways such as campaigning to stop car idling or making sure we are recycling as much as of our waste as we can. We also try to raise money for charity and are always so good at this. So in this blog space you'll find lots of pictures and posts about our commitment to looking after the world. 

In the next post you'll also meet the members of our Steering Group which are responsibile for making sure children's rights are being taught and talked about!