Parenting Guide by Ms Giuliani

How to Become an Awesome Parent


Angela Giuliani who works at our school as a Learning Behaviour and Wellbeing Consultant has written a book. It is available now on Amazon Kindle. The book is co-authored with her sister Melody Appleton and between them they have over 60 years of experience working with children and parents, as Psychologists, Teachers and Therapists.


Busy parents can read this book quickly and easily.

In 30 minutes you will have at your fingertips the knowledge to overcome some of the challenges involved in raising your child to 

become that wonderful adult you want them to be.

"How To Become An Awesome Parent"  provides a quick read solution-focused approach, demonstrating skills that can be applied across a variety of situations. You will gain awareness of strategies, which will empower you to feel confident and competent in your parenting. After reading and practicing the suggestions you will experience an increased enjoyment in being a parent.


The book is available for download on A print on demand facility will be available shortly. Kindle Apps are available free for iPads, Smart phones and computers.


"How To Become An Awesome Parent" 

The book is available for download on