Healthy Eating

Our school meals are cooked on site and are delicious!



We are a healthy school and we encourage healthy eating.

Our school meals are nutritionally balanced, healthy and tasty and children are encouraged to have a hot school meal each day. If you would like to come in and sample our school meals please let the school office know to arrange this; you are very welcome!

A Healthy Packed Lunch

Although school lunches are the preference there are occasions when children might have packed lunch. If children do need to bring a packed lunch then please ensure that the packed lunches are healthy and do not include sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

Free Fruit Snack

All children in the school enjoy free fruit at break time. The younger children will often eat the fruit as part of their morning activity or 'brain break'.  The juniors eat their fruit in the playground.

Water in School 

Children are encouraged to bring water in plastic 'sports top' bottles to drink during the day. Telferscot water bottles are available from the school office for a small charge. We recognise and support the importance that drinking water has in boosting a child's ability to learn throughout the day. We also have water fountains throughout the school.

Breakfast Club

We pride ourselves on providing healthy choices at breakfast club, with the menu offering something different each day for the children to eat to start their day in a healthy way. Breakfast Club is a drop-in service offered from 7.30am until school begins each day. It is charged at £4 a day. 

Tuck Shop

We are really proud to offer a healthy tuck shop. Children are able to visit the tuck shop once a week and items are all 50p. Children are allowed to bring in up to £1 to buy items which include plain popcorn, fruit wheels, naturally flavoured milk and fruit flakes.

Birthdays and other celebrations

As a healthy school we do not allow cakes and other sweet treats to be brought into school or distributed in class. If you wish to mark a celebration then please chat to the teacher about bringing in some fruit or raisins, for example.

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