Medical Matters

Many of our staff are qualified first aiders.

We want children to be healthy and ready to learn every day. Many of our staff are first aiders and we try to deal with any medical matters here at school. Sometimes we will call parents to let them know about their children and it is important that we keep up to date phone numbers on file. Generally we do not like to administer medication in school but if your child must receive medication then you must fill in a form available through the office. Typically, medicine that is required three times a day can be administered before school, after school, and in the evening.

Please see our First Aid and Medicines policy for more information.

Asthma, /other medical conditions

If your child has asthma and uses medication regularly or intermittently, we are happy to keep the medication in School, so that children can take their own medication. Often children keep their inhalers in the classroom- but the class teacher needs to be aware of this. Staff have regular epi-pen training and similarly they should be stored in classrooms and a spare kept in the office.

Please make us aware of any special medical conditions affecting your child. Health care plans are put into place for children with special medical conditions. The school always liases with the school nurse service.