Your child’s security and safety are very important to us.

We make every effort to ensure that our school site is safe and managed well. We have security access device on all external doors and visitors to the school must use the Telferscot Road entrance and buzz the office for access to the building. All visitors must report to the office and not just attempt to access the building after entering the site.

During a school day the gates are locked and doors are secured, staff all wear badges and anyone on site without a visitors badge will be challenged. All adults including visitors, part time professionals and adults working on site are asked to sign in at the office and sign out when departing.

In the morning and at pick up there are two gates open: one on Telferscot Road and one on Radbourne Road. Both are secured during the school day . In order to keep us safe a member of the premises staff is outside each gate encouraging sensible use of the road outside the school – and to keep us all moving! Please do not park on the zigzag lines or leave your car idling outside of the school gates.

In the morning children should not be left unsupervised on site. They are welcome to go to breakfast club or should be accompanied in the playground by a supervising adult. Classes line up and enter the building with their teachers at 8:50am and parents are asked to say goodbye outside and not accompany children into the building.

Nursery parents who are picking up or dropping off children who are part-time attenders must use the Nursery gate on Telferscot Road between 11:55am and 12:35pm in order to gain access to the Nursery classroom. Staff will be on hand to welcome the children.

At the end of the school day the gate is open and parents are welcome to wait in the playground for the bell at 3:30pm. At this time the Junior children will be dismissed into the playground and Infants must be picked up from classrooms. Parents are welcome in the building at this time but are asked to approach the office from the exterior of the building with any office related business. The playground must be cleared by 3:40pm as it is used for afterschool activities.

Children who are involved in clubs and TASC are escorted or sent to their appropriate spaces by staff and parents must pick up and sign children out of activities at the appropriate time. At the end of the school day there are no children involved in clubs or TASC who are unsupervised in the playground – children who have been picked up are considered to be under the supervision of the adult. Please remember this when allowing your child to play on equipment etc as they are your responsibility. We all want our children to be safe at all times at school.