Partnership Arts Organisations

For many years Telferscot has worked with a variety of Arts and Arts-based organisations to enhance our creative offer.

We are an Associate School of the Southbank and participate in various events held there – they range from being an integral part of the Imagine Children’s Festival to performing an opera and even helping to refurbish and launch the Royal Festival Hall Organ. Projects vary in size but always provide new ways to learn and collaborate.

We also are a partner school with the Unicorn Theatre for Children. Part of this includes significant training for our staff and the chance for every child in the school to experience good quality theatre that brings to life their curriculum.

The school also enjoys significant relationships with The Portrait Gallery and the Tate. We visit these galleries and more to see, learn, inspire and even write about the art and the immersive experience of creation. We have participated in the National Gallery project of Take One Picture using this as a stimulus for school wide projects and installations.

We work extensively with the CLC in Clapham. Through them we can unite STEM and Art to create and innovate on a variety of projects.   Projects we have been a part of included animation making, movies, robot wars and more!