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We are very pleased to provide up-to-date technologies for our pupils to use. Over the last few years we have grown our Technology offer and have integrated the use of technology into everyday classroom activities.

We work in partnership with the CLC for various learning enrichment activities based around the use of technology. We also take part in competitions such as the RoboChallenge, learn film making as part of the BFI & Paris young film makers festival as well as using 3D printers to make Viking Jewellery.

We run eSafety days for pupils and eSafety information evenings and written information for families.

A classroom for the future

All our Key Stage 1 and 2 classrooms have laptops and iPads to support the children’s day to day learning. In addition, we have a class set of iPads and laptops so that in Computing sessions each child has their own device.

Our Year 5 and 6 children have access to an additional bank of computers to use in the classroom kindly donated by our PSA. We want to support our pupils via fostering a positive relationship through technology as they take the steps into secondary school and their Tech-tastic futures.

Blended learning using Microsoft Teams

All children have access to Microsoft Office 365 account which includes cloud based versions of key Microsoft apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Microsoft Teams. At Telferscot we use Microsoft Teams for communication, home learning and extended learning opportunities. 

Ways you can help

  • Help your child by encouraging them to learn to touch type: BBC Dance Mat Typing
  • Keep yourself one step ahead by fostering good communication and positive dialogue around the use of technology at home.